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Effective tax rates and firm size

What is this research about and why did you do it?

Effective Tax Rates and Firm Size

This paper provides novel evidence on the relationship between firm size and effective corporate tax rates, using full-population administrative tax data from 13 countries.

Why and how should developing countries raise more taxes?

Governments in many developing countries urgently need to raise funds to invest in education, health and infrastructure.

Can fiscal policy reduce inequality in a globalized world?

Tax havens, offshore wealth, automatic exchange of information; these terms can appear opaque to the non-initiated, but understanding them is important—they refer to the vexing issue of internation

Firms as tax collectors

The question of how taxes should be collected is usually at the forefront of tax authorities’ debates.

Digitalisation of property taxation in developing countries: Recent advances and remaining challenges

Many of the hurdles that governments face in improving their property tax systems are common across different countries and contexts.

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