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Our partnership in Ethiopia focuses on:

  • The provision of technical support on analysing key tax and benefit policy and administration issues;
  • The co-production of analytical tools and resources;
  • And the development of skills and capacity for tax policy analysis and design within the MoF.

The ultimate aims are to help increase revenues, improve the efficiency (both economic and administration) and equity of the tax system, and ensure measures align with Ethiopia’s objectives on economic development and poverty reduction.

We have worked closely with the MoF to establish research and policy priorities, map and source administrative and survey data, and assess and develop appropriate analytical tools.

We have already delivered a comprehensive review of the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Turnover Tax (ToT) systems; developed a tax and benefit microsimulation tool (ETHTAX) that has been used to evaluate policy design; provided training on tax design, and policy appraisal and costing; and supported the MoF in the design and development of their tax policy response to COVID-19.

Our ongoing work continues to focus on developing capacity, tools and resources that will further advance the MoF’s ability to effectively appraise, evaluate and monitor tax policy in Ethiopia.


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