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The employment income taxes dataset and technical guide

The TaxDev employment income taxes dataset (EITD) is a panel dataset containing information on the personal and employment income taxes faced by employees....


Employment income tax in Africa: findings from a new dataset

This study introduces the first set of findings from the TaxDev employment income taxes dataset (EITD)....


Does going cashless make you tax-rich? Evidence from India’s demonetization experiment

This paper investigates the effect of electronic payments technology on firms’ tax compliance in a large developing economy....


Launching the TaxDev employment income taxes dataset: new insights from Africa

How is employment income taxed in low- and middle-income countries, how has this evolved over time, and how has it shaped taxpayer behaviour?...


Customs revenue in Ghana: recent trends and their causes

The collection of tax revenue at customs has long been an important revenue source in Ghana....


TaxDev researchers participate in the NTA conference

TaxDev researchers, Daniel Prinz, Dario Tortarolo, and Ross Warwick recently participated in the ...

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