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Anne Brockmeyer, Research Director of Tax and Development and Associate Director at the IFS, has been awarded the 2023 ADB–IEA Innovative Policy Research Award for the paper “Taxing Property in Developing Countries: Theory and Evidence from Mexico.”

The paper, co-authored by Anne, Alejandro Estefan (University of Notre Dame), Juan Carlos Suárez Serrato (Stanford Graduate School of Business & NBER); and Karina Ramírez Arras (Secretaría de Hacienda), is one of three award-winning papers selected from over 100 papers by the The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the International Economic Association (IEA). 

The award will be formally awarded at the ADB-IEA award session of the 2023 ADB Annual Meeting in May 2023.

Read the paper here, and read the VoxDev blog on the paper’s findings here.

Published on: 26th April 2023

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