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Introduction to our work on coronavirus

TaxDev's work on coronavirus involves the following activities:

1. Working with partners to appraise and cost policy measures

Since March 2020, we have been working with our government partners as they develop policy measures to respond to the pandemic. This has involved collaborative analysis using new and existing data, models and tools. Where it has been impossible to conduct quantitative analysis due to time or data constraints, we have supported the application of economic principles, and lessons from evidence, policy and practice elsewhere.

Over the medium- to longer-term, we will support our partners to develop measures in the stimulus, recovery and consolidation phases, integrating TaxDev’s broader data, skills training and policy objectives. This may involve re-evaluating medium-term revenue strategies and performance plans and working with them to adapt pre-crisis reform plans to their new priorities and fiscal circumstances.

2. Providing commentary and analysis from our experiences across countries

We are leveraging cross-institution and cross-country expertise and access to survey and administrative data to produce commentary pieces and analytical work to support decision-making in a wider range of low- and middle-income countries.

3. Conducting in-depth research to support recovery and consolidation

Looking forward, we will be conducting research to address policy questions and challenges that have arisen because of the pandemic, with the aim of generating concrete findings which support economic recovery efforts.

Our work on coronavirus


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